“The best word of mouth is how a company does business every single day” – John Moore, The Passion Conversation, […] Read More...
No one likes to be told they’re not doing a great job, but this is reality. Everyone can improve and […] Read More...
These days, I’m seeing more and more companies out there with fabulous benefits – Cadillac versions of amazing benefits. That’s […] Read More...

Slowly and surely, companies are realizing that their most important assets are the people who work for them. Many have the tools, resources and the desire to ensure these assets appreciate and grow with time but not all (yet). Our clients are those who realize they need a little (or sometimes a lot) of help. They know the cost of not protecting these assets.

We offer design, management and delivery of full cycle Human Resources & Organizational Development projects that include strategic design and planning, implementation, training and evaluation. Our philosophy for our consulting practice is to teach our clients how to do things right and share what we know ideally making it so that, eventually, they don’t even need our help!

Some clients engage us for end-to end consulting and others just need a little help in specific areas.

Starting from the beginning is always a great start and here are some examples of projects we do…


How do you know what you don’t know? With all the changes to legislation, laws and trends – how do you keep up? A comprehensive Human Resources Audit gives our clients a clear picture of their current HR state including what they are doing well and where there may be some gaps.


So you know what you need but are left asking how, when, what and where? It can be overwhelming and missteps can be costly, both to your employees and your reputation. Our clients are given a clear, progressive and scalable strategy on what should happen next with project plans and communication to suit all stakeholders. It doesn’t have to be complicated but it does have to be authentic and effective.


Finding, attracting and hiring the best employees can be the hardest part of running a successful and growing business. The cost is high and most people find the prospect and process daunting. Our clients are given strategies, tools and processes that not only allow for the best hires but that teach the hiring managers how to make these hires in an informed and proactive way.


It is impossible for a company to grow and be sustainable without good people, everyone knows that. But getting good people is only half the battle, you must grow them and nurture them. We can help with that with customized strategies to grow and develop your team with performance management, training and succession planning.


HR can be a lonely department to work in sometimes. In a lot of companies, the HR team may consist of only one person and even with a bigger team, there may not be any place that they can turn to for confidential and neutral mentorship and advice specific to the HR field. Connecting those HR professionals with qualified advisors offers both the HR Team and the company benefits that can translate into growth and success.

Are Your Employees Helping Your Brand?

by Emily Koolen

“The best word of mouth is how a company does business every single day” – John Moore, The Passion Conversation, Brains on Fire
I took a departure from my normal (and sometimes boring) HR conferences last week to attend The Gathering in stunning Banff, Alberta . Not only were the vistas amazing but the content, speakers and audience were tremendous and so on point with everything I do and believe in.   The speakers were all talking about creating cult brands – brands that everyone knows and passionately follows. Brands like Lululemon, Zappos, Molson, MLSE,Big Rock Brewery, Converse, Movember and so much more.   What was cool is that they all were talking not only about the passion and engagement of the customer and community but also of the employees of these iconic brands.   These people get it. They know that employees have evolved from 9-5 clock-punchers, that they no longer want to separate work from life. That they want work to be part of life (and they know it should be since it does often consume the most hours in your life). Gone are the days when balancing work and life was the goal (and don’t get me started on work-life balance). Employees want to be proud of what they contribute, motivated to make a difference, and want to make what they do part of their own personal brand.   For companies to ignore this, it is a huge and very costly problem. Companies work hard to develop an amazing external brand but if their internal or employer brand is tarnished, they won’t see lasting success or growth with enlightened employees.   Why is that? Well, simply put, most employees (as do most humans) love to talk. We, the big we, love to complain more than we love to compliment. It’s human nature and it’s really damaging to companies if the complaints that are shared are negative about work and/or how bad a company is internally. News travels fast and bad news even faster.   No-one wants to work for a company that has a bad rep and that bad rep is costing companies big-time. It costs when people leave and no-one will come to replace them. It costs when people won’t put in that 100% because they don’t feel valued. It also costs when savvy consumers don’t want to associated or purchase good from a company that they can’t trust. They hear about employee discontent and they will take their business elsewhere and the negative talk keeps growing and growing, costing more and more. These costs will cripple a company and cost much more than most external marketing budgets.   Good companies build great employer brands and know the importance of making sure their employees are motivated, engaged and listened to just as much as the importance of building an external brand with catchy logos, tag-lines or viral commercials.   What’s your company’s employer brand? Is it as good (or ideally, even better) than your external brand?   Watch for part 2 on improving a company’s employer brand….

Constructive Criticism: 3 Ways To Use Performance Management Feedback To Improve

by Emily Koolen

No one likes to be told they’re not doing a great job, but this is reality. Everyone can improve and constructive feedback is a necessary tool for getting the information you need to make meaningful improvements. Effective performance discussions can help us understand what needs to change and why. They can be a productive and healthy way to get a variety of different perspectives on performance. But what happens when the feedback is less than complementary? How do you use performance feedback to improve? Here are 3 things I recommend:

Workplace Wellness: It’s Not Just About the Benefits

by Emily Koolen

These days, I’m seeing more and more companies out there with fabulous benefits – Cadillac versions of amazing benefits. That’s great, but unfortunately, many of them are not taking into consideration all the other aspects of workplace wellness. Or, they put fantastic benefit plans in place, but they don’t communicate them properly and as a result, employees don’t have a real sense of wellness. Luckily, there are several things you can do to ensure your organization promotes healthy, happy and productive employees.

The Corporate Recruiter’s Guide to Recruiting Etiquette

by Emily Koolen

Lately, I’ve been involved in quite a bit of recruitment for my clients. I do not profess to be the ultimate expert, but I’ve had the unique opportunity to learn a few lessons along the way that I think are worthy of sharing. Whether you’re a full time recruiter in need of a refresher or an HR employee tasked with helping out desk side while continuing your own work, recruiting etiquette deserves a little attention. Here are some key points to keep in mind that will make the process more successful for you, your organization and any potential hires.

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